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Learn why Cyalume is the undisputed worldwide leader in chemical light technology and has been for more than 40 years

The Company

Cyalume Technologies, Inc. is the recognized pioneer in chemical lighting solutions. Our dedication to quality, pledge to manufacturing non-toxic products, and our commitment to “Made in USA” cements our place as the undisputed worldwide leader in chemical light technology for over 40 years. With an active innovation agenda, we continue to forge advancements in chemical light technologies and are always ahead of the curve in safety and illumination. We are an FDA approved manufacturer of API components for the pharmaceutical industry and produce complex long chain polymers that are used in a wide array of final applications ranging from the F35 Joint Strike Fighter to a coating for implantable medical devices and many more products as well.

With the introduction of our advanced, single-use, chemilluminated medical devices we are delivering our proven expertise and unparalleled quality to the healthcare market. Our mission is to provide clinicians with high-quality illumination resulting in operational efficiencies and enhanced patient care. Our customers can be confident they are using the very latest and best in chemical light technology. And we pride ourselves on working with our business partners to take on tough challenges and deliver innovative solutions and products.

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