OnLite® Adhesive Speculum Light

OnLite is an adhesive chemiluminator created for clinicians who are currently using metal or plastic specula and relying on external light sources light floor lamps, headlamps and pen lights.

This easy-to-use light insert allows the clinician to adapt existing specula to provide internal illumination at the examination area, increasing effectiveness and efficiency.

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Easily Adapt Plastic and Metal Vaginal Speculum with Adhesive Light

Many clinicians, limited by existing gynecological exam tools, are left to pair traditional specula with outdated external lighting methods like headlamps and penlights. Usually these methods either leave the examination area too dark or over-compensate, flooding the area with too much light.

OnLite provides diffused chemiluminescent light directly to the examination area, allowing clinicians to make quick assessment without having to be encumbered by a secondary light source. Adhesive and ergonomic, the OnLite enhances metal and plastic specula alike.

Benefits of Using Adhesive Vaginal Speculum Light

Why choose an adhesive light to provide illumination for a traditional metal or plastic speculum? Clinicians can expect the following from OnLite when compared to traditional light sources:

  • Quick and simple illumination to unlit metal and plastic specula
  • Fast activating chemiluminescent light delivers 15 minutes of optimal illumination
  • Ergonomic shape and adhesive strips make application and removal easy
  • Battery-free light generates no heat and requires no outside power source
  • Available in white or blue light depending on application requirements
  • Each box comes with 25 OnLite illuminators and 25 adhesive strips

It's Easy to Use the OnLite

Transforming a traditional plastic or metal speculum into a device that provides light directly at the source is extremely easy. Simply follow these four steps:

Remove OnLite insert from packaging

Peel backing from adhesive strip and apply to OnLite

Bend to activate light insert and shake to further activate

Push OnLite firmly onto distal end of upper blade for best results. Remove before cleaning speculum after use.

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