Disposable Vaginal Speculum with Light

Using the power of chemical illumination, SpecuLume provides optimal diffused light to the examination area, eliminating the needs for electricity, batteries or external light sources.

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Patient Care in a New Light

Imagine a single-use, disposable vaginal speculum providing self-illumination without the need for batteries or electricity. That’s SpecuLume.

This innovative device uses proprietary chemiluminesence technology to deliver brilliant lighting where you need it most, at the tip of the speculum. Simply “snap” the luminescent cartridge and insert it into the speculum for instant diffused light lasting more than 15 minutes. When the examination is complete, simply discard the product without worry.

Why Choose SpecuLume?

Reasons to Choose SpecuLume Over a Traditional Vaginal Speculum

Intended for use during OB/GYN examinations, there are a number of reasons to try SpecuLume today:

  • Chemillumination eliminates the use of batteries, wires or rechargers.
  • Brilliant, diffused light at the examination site.
  • Easy-to-active light source provides more than 15 minutes of illumination.
  • No harmful chemicals or risk to patient.
  • Sterile or non-sterile models available.
  • No heat generated by light source.
  • Reduces the risk of cross-contamination and cross-infections.
  • After use simply discard the entire product as clinical waste.
  • Eliminates reprocessing and cleaning costs.
  • Available in three sizes: Small, Medium, Large”

Easy to Use Text

Using a SpecuLume is easy. All it takes is 3 simple steps, and bright light is immediately ready for examination.

Remove speculum and insert from packaging

Bend to activate light insert and shake to further initiate

Slide light insert firmly into distal end of upper blade

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