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Learn How and Why to Use Disposable, Chemiluminated Medical Devices

Download our latest brochures to learn more about our innovative solutions for OB/GYN examinations including the SpecuLume, ViaLume and OnLite. Discover the benefits of using disposable specula with integrated, battery-free light sources. Whether you want a complete unit inclusive of a light source, like SpecuLume, or illumination for metal specula, like OnLite, chemical light is the future of OB/GYN examinations.

See the Cyalume Difference for Yourself!

SpecuLume Instructions

Interested how to use a SpecuLume? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Inside of the light device, there are two solutions, one of which is contained in a thin glass ampule. To mix the solutions, gently bend the device. Shake the device briefly to mix the solutions. Finally, slide the light insert firmly into distal end of the upper blade. You know have access to 15 minutes of bright light to be delivered directly at the area of examination.

How Does the SpecuLume Compare?

From unit and examination costs to cross contamination risks, we compared the Cyalume Speculume against a few traditional speculum options. Download this infograph to see how it broke down.

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